In her work, Kristina freely transposes the reality and only very seldom crosses the threshold to abstraction. In her world, poetic and colorful, there is sun and even suns, but not the moon. Animals of all kinds, towns and roads, but very few trees. One eats fish, apples, and watermelons; drinks are served in pretty pitchers and cups. One travels on bicycle. And this world is populated by women! The scarce men appear in general as anonymous silhouettes in the middle of a crowd.

The first quick look at her paintings gives often an impression of spontaneity and freshness of a sketch. In reality they are a fruit of long maturation, as wittnessed by an almost systematic recourse to series. It is predominantly the series, or more exactly, the series of nude women, that traverse all her work. A sitting woman from behind, en face, in profile. A woman in movement - swimmer, gymnast or dancer. A woman alone or in a group, in the dominating blue or ocher... There is also a bestiary, populated by birds, dogs, horses and imaginary beasts; there are still-lives composed of familiar objects. Some subjects cross each other, so you can find a town at the heart of a series of portraits or filling the body of a woman.

You find here some glimpses from Kristina's world, collected in nine galleries around nine different themes.

Self-portrait, the beloved theme of most artists, is practically absent in Kristina's work. But, you will learn to know her through her work and through all the women to whom she gives homage.

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Illustration & drawing


Still life

Town & Landscape





Forms & lines