During her almost 50 years of artistic work, Kristina's creativity has never ceased. After initial preference for drawing and illustration, she rapidly enlarged her area of interest to painting - watercolor, gouache, oil, acrylic - trying even engraving, sculpture and monotype.

One characteristic trait is strongly present in all her work, even if it mainly appears in paintings. On paper, on canvas, on fibreboards, powerful traces of charcoal or oil pastel structure the solid or transparent areas of color. The effect of line can even be achieved without the usual drawing tools, in a kind of negative, as the effect of scraping the outer layers of paint.

Excellent in drawing, Kristina was also a good colorist. In her studio, she created infinity of nuances starting with countless jars of pigments, to combine them later in an original way.

Here you see samples of different techniques used by Kristina.
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Oil pastel



Ink drawing

Charcoal on gouache

Linoleum print


Oil on canvas