Liberating and honest. Kristina Redz (...) shows a mature and self-disciplined painting, very exciting with warmly luminous but at the same time very restricted color. (...) The interesting part is her own personality, her great skills and her strong engagement. These are paintings that you want to return to, see them again, discover more of them. Because there is always something to discover. It is an art without a message, one can speak about art for its own sake. It is also an art without a pose, liberating clean and marvelously honest.
(Monica Fuchs, Lidingö Tidning 1979)

From Lidingö Konsthall. ... Kristina Redz is awfully talented and something of a strange bird. Her pastels and pencil drawings are exquisite. ...
(Leda, Lidingö Tidning 1982)


A colorist that paints in rapid attacks. Kristina Redz (...) seems to work with rapid attacks in her oil- and acrylic paintings. She is an authentic painter that works with quick, sketchy drawing and confident feeling for color. The result is powerful and decorative, especially in the smaller formats. (...) There is a freshness in Redz's drawing of her motives, in the quick, precise movements of the hand to take down the motif, sometimes with the roundness of lines that may bring to mind Matisse.
(Christer Duke, Länstidning 1993)

Minimalized forms in Lidingö Konsthall. The artist Kristina Redz can never predict what a picture is going to become. (...) "Typical for my pictures is that I try to minimize the forms to the absolutely necessary and limit the colors to two or three nuances. It gives a stronger expression. Too many colors are disturbing, I believe."
(Martin Alm, Lidingö Tidning 2011)

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