Kristina Redz, born Stoczkowska, arrived to the world on the 3rd of May 1935 in Lida, a little town in eastern Poland.

The war shattered her childhood. Her father, Polish army officer, became a Soviet prisoner; with her mother and sister she narrowly escaped deportation to Siberia; her native town was gobbled up by the USSR. Once the war ended, the family followed the stream of refugees and settled down in Oliwa, on the Baltic coast.

After a short period of stability, Kristina's perigrinations began, first in Poland for her studies, then in Europe and beyond. The first voyage to the West took her to Paris in 1963. It is also the year of her marriage.

The next voyage became crucial. In 1965 Kristina won the first prize in a competition for illustrations announced by the Swedish publishing house Bonniers. She went to Stockholm with her husband, a computer scientist, who was there unexpectedly offered an employment by IBM. Seduced by Sweden, the couple settled down in Lidingö – a part of Metropolitan Stockholm ... but not for long.

Starting in 1968 and for the next 10 years, Kristina followed her husband's cereer paths, taking her to Copenhagen, Vienna, and Toronto; every time she refused the offers to stay there.

It was Sweden that became her adoptive home. It is there where she got her two daughters, in 1967 and 1972. She acquired Swedish citizenship in 1974. Returned definitely to Lidingö in 1978. It is there where she expanded her artistic activity.

And there she fell victim to a sudden heart attack on the 30th of April 2013, three days short of her 78-th birthday.

In Oliwa 1947. From the right: Kristina, her grandmother, parents, sister.