Kristina's personality expresses itself in her works that do not yield to any mode or tendency of the moment and always remains easily identifiable. It does not mean she would not recognize any Master, just opposite! Kristina certainly had Louise Bourgeois as an idol, because of her great freedom of expression, but also for her assertion of the status of a woman-artist.

In 1998, Kristina was able to meet Louise Bourgeois in New York for an interview, published later in Stockholm. (Ensamvargen Louise Bourgeois, Konsttidningen, 5 December 1998. Click here for English original.)

Before that, in Vienna 1974, she meets another internationally renowned artist, Friedensreich Hundertwasser. She is seduced by his vigorous graphics and the taste for color, the two chracteristics of her own work.

Impressed by the exhibition of Max Ernst in Stockholm 2008, Kristina painted two works entitled "Homage to Max Ernst".

It is also appropriate to name Paul Klee whose work in all its fineness has an imprint of both poetry and rigor. His notebook "The thinking eye" related to his work at Bauhaus and conveying his thoughts on the process of creation had a strong impression on Kristina.

Louise Bourgeois - Ste Sebastienne

Paul Klee - Tree in city

F. Hundertwasser - Der Zaun - Das kleine schönheitshindernis

Kristina Redz - Homage to Max Ernst