Kristina's 11 commandments for the artist

  1. Look critically at all art created so far.
  2. Observe forms and things around you.
  3. Analyze - everywhere you can find parts of the Universe.
  4. Simplify - to amplify the expressive power.
  5. Be curious and investigating.
    Like a child pick apart everything that comes your way and put together parts in a new way following your own ideas.
  6. Dare to walk into the unknown.
    Do not forget that new ideas are often treated as pure madness.
  7. Never feel secure in your artistic niche.
    The feeling of security can make you immune to changes around you and inhibit your creativity
  8. Enrich your knowledge and feelings by reading.
  9. Formulate your thoughts in words.
  10. Look for the spiritual in art.
    Everything has two sides: the visual that everybody can see and the metaphysical that can only be perceived by few. The purpose of an artwork is to tell something beyond the visual.
  11. If you do not know what you are doing, continue.
    Have a strong will, be stubborn, and never give up.