Kristina Redz studied at Fine Arts Academies in Gdansk and Warsaw, obtaining her final diploma in 1961. She then rounded off her education with one year at École des Beaux Arts in Paris.

Already in 1965 she had her first individual exhibition in Warsaw. After the success in the Bonniers competition she was showing her works on several occasions in Gallery De Unga ("The Young") in Stockholm. During her travels she worked for a number of publishing houses and exhibited in Copenhagen, London, Barcelona and New York.

After finally settling down in Sweden, she exhibited her works regularly in Stockholm and surroundings, individually or with other artists. She was a member of Swedish Artists' Association ("Svenska Konstnärernas Förening") and paricipated in several group exhibitions in their Jugend-style building in central Stockholm. She had an individual show there in 1988. Kristina had also her works several times in the Spring Show ("Vårsalongen") in Liljevalchs Gallery in Stockholm. In 1988 she was entrusted with decoration of Stockholm Metro station Gärdet. Twice, in 1995 and 2006, she received a grant from Britt Paus foundation for a stay in the Artist's House in Svolvaer in northern Norway. These visits under the never-setting Arctic sun were an inspiration for a number of Kristina's works.

From her early years in Lidingö, Kristina was a member of the Association of Lidingö Artists ("Föreningen Lidingökonstnärer") and regularly participated in their bi-annual group show "Lidingösalongen" in Lidingö Konsthall - the exhibition space of Lidingö Town Hall. In the show of November 2013, no longer physically present, she was still represented by two of her paintings. Four of her nearly 20 individual shows took place in Lidingö Konsthall.

After the tsunami disaster of 2004, Kristina painted the series "KhaoLak" as a homage to the victims. It was exhibited in the Lidingö Artists regular show in 2005. Her another reaction to natural disasters was the series "Dancing Houses" after a number of earthquakes.

In 2008, Kristina together with two other artists initiated the Lidingö Art Walk ("Konstrundan"), a recurring spring event where members of Lidingö Artists during three days open their studios to the public. She passed away only few days after Konstrundan of 2013.

The stone on her grave has the form of a large exhibition poster. Her last one. Ars longa, vita brevis.

One of the illustrations submitted for Bonniers competition 1965.
(The color original is lost.)

At her exhibition in Lidingö Konsthall 2011.

Kristina Redz - KhaoLak (fragment)